Warmer Weather Brings with it Many Challenges

The Midwest survived a big snow only to be hit immediately afterward with a deep freeze. This coming weekend, people across the Midwest will have to prepare for the next hit from Mother Nature as there is a big thaw on the way. And with the warmer weather comes too the risk of flooding and damage to homes and businesses.

Temperature highs early this week were well below zero with wind chills making it feel much, much colder. Those frigid temps caused by the polar vortex that swept down from the north are giving way to single digits Wednesday that will slowly climb to the upper 20s and 30s by later this week. The National Weather Service said that many areas will see a drastic 50 degree upward swing in temperatures. That type of quick increase makes conditions very favorable for flooding and especially so considering many areas were blasted with up to a foot of snow and even more.

As the temperatures rise, the ground thaws and slowly but surely becomes saturated. A great deal of the snow on the ground will run off into waterways and lakes. There’s sure to be some flooding that takes place on roadways this weekend which could make travel dangerous and even impossible in low lying areas.

The warmer temperatures also may prove problematic for homeowners who’ve neglected to clean out their gutters. To avoid having water leak into a home, ice should be knocked off gutters & downspouts and drainage areas should be cleared. Another problem the rising temperatures could cause homeowners are ice dams on roofs. An ice dam is a blockage that’s created by melting snow that refreezes. If not attended to, an ice dam can destroy a roof and its gutters and can also cause water to leak into the home or building.

Ice dams have been forming on roofs all across the Midwest including cities like Chicago and Detroit since the heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather. That buildup of ice can really cause home and business owners some headaches as the temperatures climb this coming weekend wherein the mix of ice and snow will melt rapidly. An ice dam can become very messy and costly if it happens to cause a ceiling to collapse which is something that happens all too often.

There have been water main breaks all across the Midwest in numerous communities which is something that’s not uncommon when the temperatures fluctuate.

The extreme change in temperatures coming at the end of the week also can cause water pipes inside homes and businesses to burst. Plumbing services all across the Midwest have been extremely busy during the bone-chilling cold weather as they’ve been responding to calls about frozen and burst pipes. Even frozen pipes that didn’t burst during the cold can do so as they’re gradually thawing out because they simply cannot withstand the extreme pressure.

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